Why This Website?

The trouble with simple questions are that there are no simple answers. I have been thinking about starting a blog as early as 2012 but I knew that there were not many ideas in my head I wanted to or could clearly and logically write on.

I don’t blame myself. I was in the seventh or sixth standard and had very little experience myself. Also, I am terribly unimportant and I don’t think anybody would want my expert opinion on things. I still don’t but that is another matter, entirely. The main reasons for this website are:-

Archival Purposes :

If there ever comes a day when I am someone important to the world and I think too highly of myself, I want this website to be a standing reminder of what a pathetic writer and pseudo-intellectual I was.

Negativity Absorbent :

“Loni, are you on Facebook?” “No.” “Are you on Instagram?” “No.” “Are you on Snapchat?” “No!”. “Then, where the heck are you?” “Here. On Earth. Umm, also on WhatsApp.”

I really wanted to get out of these conversations and so, if anybody asks me where I am. I’ll say that I have a “boiling pot” online where I boil green, inedible concoctions.