Avenge Pulwama?

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The country mourns the death of 40 CRPF Personnel and counting. The details of the incident are all over the Internet and I’d rather save my words for something less factual and gory.

Whenever I read of horrific crimes committed by people – be it the genocide of Jews by Hitler, or 1984 Sikh riots in India – I often fail to pinpoint what exactly must have hardened common people to do what they did. I’d like to be able to put out a list someday, reasons (maybe, thirteen) as to why a man who plays with his baby daughter can also rape someone else’s. Or, what ever drives a person so mad that he shall not rest until the other burns alive.

“The General Election will be over and so will the patriotism and concern of the most of people.”

The media and the politicians have all expressed condolences for the families, as if they care. I know what I’m expecting. The major newspapers and production houses will all have forgotten about the families of the martyrs. The General Election will be over and so will the patriotism and concern of the most of people.
If I am alive 6 months from now, I’ll be tweeting if anything happens otherwise.

“They want our Prime Minister to declare a war.”

Source : Zee News on Twitter

What I have felt in the air now, is anger. Seething anger. A lot of my friends in University have begun changing their Profile Pictures and Group Icons to black colours and symbols. It is a good thing now, that I will not have to look at the “candid” pictures and their faces. A lot of people are tweeting, I guess angrily, because they are typing ALL IN CAPS. They are asking the government to avenge the death of our soldiers. They want our Prime Minister to declare a war. We are an emotional country and I can see how the blindness is born. We are a sensitive and romantic nation and I love that about us; but let’s not be fooled into the trap of our vulnerability.

If you are one of those people, let me convince you otherwise. Please bear with me.

  1. You want a war. Have you lived through a war?
  2. If the answer is in the negative, let me quiz you a little. Did you know that war can de-stabilize the economy? Did you know that you might have to quit your job and volunteer? Do you know that during a war most freedoms maybe curtailed? Will you guarantee that this will not be a lost cause? Will you ensure the safety of all the soldiers in the war?
  3. Sorry. I got too aggressive. But, you are too.
  4. The people who died, died for a cause. They will not be forgotten. Let us put their deaths to a constructive use. We need to take strong action against the perpetrators and take help from global leaders and the United Nations. Let us find out better ways to build a better country.
  5. The people who died, had joined the forces knowing fully well what they were getting into. How do I know that? My father is in the Army as well.
  6. The US tried cleaning up the Taliban in Afghanistan. What happened? The war is not an answer.
  7. You say then, that heavy duty should be levied on Pakistan? Well, their politicians, just like our politicians will not suffer. The common man will. Like, you and me. The ones who did not choose to be involved in any of this but were pulled in anyway.
  8. I don’t have an easy or 10 Step solution to it. Neither does anybody else. Can you calm down for a bit? Here, have some water.

I admit it is terribly naive of me to present a quote as an argument but I guess, I cannot do any better. My emotions have got the better of me. Blame the genes!

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