1. The fact that you are reading this list, means you are a rebel. I like you already.
  2. It also means that you are a little dumb. How could you fall for this amateur sort of click-bait ?
  3. The hashtag in the title is to act like a bookmark to the first ever post in this website. (Hopefully, not the last one.)
  4. The hashtag is also to remind myself on some terribly dark days, that I had once mustered enough courage to buy a domain for myself and finally get to write.
  5. This is an act of defiance to the couch potato inside me, who always wants me to settle my backside on a comfortable couch and never leave. “Boo Ya!”, I say to him.
  6. There are few things in the world that I can do well – clicking selfies or texting isn’t one of them- but I have been told I can write.
  7. I know nobody is going to read this. It gives me immense freedom to get away with whatever I want.
  8. Stick around for the dark matter and terrible puns and horribly awesome writing.
  9. I really like lists.
  10. I think I should just stop typing. I can’t stop. Somebody, please. Just. Stop. Writing.

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